Super Cattivo Ambrato ´23 Bio Bitter Aperitivo

Super Cattivo Ambrato ´23 Bio Bitter Aperitivo

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Bio Bitter ohne Farbstoffe 21 % Alk. Vol., 500ml, Enthält Sulfite

Das Beste zweier Welten: Die süße Bitterkeit italienischer Zitrusfrüchte und die betörende Frische

burgenländischer Trauben vereinen sich zu einem Aperitivo in seiner natürlichsten Form.

Bitter, better, SUPER CATTIVO


SUPER CATTIVO pur auf Eis mit Twist


1 Teil SUPER CATTIVO auf Eis

2 Teile Tonic + 1 Spritzer Zitrone o. Limette


The idea of Super Cattivo is grown on a friendship that is rooted in the NYC gastronomy where Tristan and Daniel met and worked together.
10 years later back in old Europe we are trying to get closer to the dolce vita convince Franz to sip along.
In Apricale, a tiny mountain village in Liguria, we got served an Aperitivo that made us want to create one ourselves. For a couple of years now we are trying to make our own version of it. Throughout the tryouts quality and excitement are growing more and the support and demand from friends as well. A couple of 1000km of search for the right fruits, wine, liquor etc later we finally got enough to put it into a nice little bottle. Paired with our passion for the Aperitiv culture this should be enough reason to celebrate, share and share and celebrate…. cin cin!